Holidays +

In the “Holidays+” programme, we have tried to consider all the characteristics of children’s bodies and all the challenges they must face during the school year.

School is an important burden for children, with a great expenditure of both physical and intellectual energy. In addition, there are extracurricular activities that require an additional effort. But children need to grow and strengthen physically and mentally. Where do they get so much strength? All this, if they are lucky enough not to get ill during the year, which would weaken them even further.

The holidays season is finally here, and it is time to recharge our batteries. The sun, the sea, pure air and vitamins will certainly help a developing body to recover a little and strengthen the immune system, but unfortunately, not for long …

What we are offering is much more than a simple holiday.

Children’s bodies respond very well to the effects of bioenergy. Through the treatments provided in the “Vacation +” programme, the Master achieves surprising results. By harmonising the body’s internal processes, the body’s energy is balanced and strengthened, the immune system is activated, the musculoskeletal system is strengthened (bones, muscles), and growth is accelerated. The spine is restored using a gentle manual technique. The brain’s blood and energy circulation are enhanced, which leads to improved concentration and memory. The central nervous system relaxes, allowing healthy sleep, improving eyesight, etc. In the future, all this will have a positive effect on school performance.

It is important to emphasise that the approach to each child is absolutely individual, considering their personal characteristics and the particularities of their body. Treatments will be carried out at the place where you are staying once a day.

The treatment will last for 40-60 minutes. The programme is designed for 10-14 days, depending on the child’s condition. If necessary, the programme may include therapeutic exercises.

All this during an unforgettable holiday in Tenerife.


Enjoy your trip to the health island!